The World Needs You. Now.

abrupt Spiritual Awakening

Sometimes on our way to enlightenment a time of awakening comes when ambition and accomplishment cease to satisfy and we see some light coming through the cracks of the life we have built. We start to look for real purpose, a greater purpose, in our lives. It’s fundamental. This purpose was established in us before we even came into this world, and its essence lives within a deeper part of us.

“You will begin to feel

a deeper need to know,

not just to understand

but to know something.”

 from “The Awakening”



This deeper need to know is the fulcrum on which the old life and the new life balance. The pursuit of happiness fills the former while purpose and meaning obtain in the latter.

“Nobody ever found their higher purpose by trying to be happy.” Marshall Vian Summers

The world is helping us in our calling as its needs become more urgent by the day. We don’t have time to take our time to learn of our purpose at our leisure. The world needs us. Now. It behooves us to examine our relationship with everything—things, people, place, habits of thought—and ask, “Is this serving me?” By unburdening we are freer to recognize our gifts and to experience our purpose.

The way starts now.

Each of us brings unique—even, according to the Teaching, “The Awakening,” “extraordinary”—gifts and talents to bear in the world that originate in the One Source. We have the privilege of bridging Heaven and Earth through our practice and, ultimately, purpose. We will be doing our purpose and then realize, “Ah, this IS my purpose.”

“Our practice is to make ourselves ready for the kingdom so that it can manifest in the here and the now.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

 A Mystery Teaching from Secrets of Heaven :

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