Working out for Enlightenment?

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Do you like to go to the gym?  If so, enlightenment may be your bag. Working out for enlightenment is like working towards a great body. They’re both the goal of a narcissistic person. Sorry if that offends anyone.

But really, think about it. What is the purpose of having a great body. Is it not to look great and to enhance your idea of yourself? Chasing enlightenment is the same thing. You want to have a better idea of yourself and a better image to present to the world. So, we seek enlightenment because, frankly, it sounds better. It’s a grandiose title for the spiritual over-achiever.

I don’t want to give enlightenment a completely bad rap. It’s just that enlightenment usually doesn’t do anything. You don’t have to be enlightened to make a contribution to the world. You don’t have to be enlightened to help someone. You don’t have to be enlightened to live a healthier, better life.

Anna FrankAnne Frank was never Working out for Enlightenment said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” She didn’t say that you need to be enlightened to make the world a better place. So why is it that there is so much talk about enlightenment?

For me, enlightenment is an ideal state that my mind likes to reach for. I may never get there but it sure is fun striving for it. And when I do get enlightenment, then what? What will enlightenment bring me? Happiness, inner peace, self-love?

Maybe it’s because I tend to think of myself as less than what I’m really capable of. Maybe I like to think that I can’t do what I know that needs to be done in this world. Maybe I like to have an excuse as to why I am not living the life I know I need to live.

I’m so thankful for this perspective. It is not my own, although I wish it were. This perspective comes from the New Message from God. The new message shows us an ancient way to true happiness, fulfillment and inner peace.

The New Message provides the pathway to a real enlightenment in life that is mysterious and yet leads to true purpose and meaning in life without grandiose titles or advanced levels to achieve. It provides a simple but challenging path for a serious person who is ready to make their life mean something and not be lost in one’s shadows and dreams.

spiritual protectionIf you are one of these people, you may begin at anytime without enlightenment and without your ideas. This pathway is known as the Steps to Knowledge. Quit the gym, quit working out for enlightenment, and take up a true calling. A calling to live your true life. The life you knew you always were meant to live.

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