What to do with Enlightenment

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What to do with enlightenment

Enlightenment has to serve our true purpose for being – not to achieve happiness or peace.

Enlightenment is such an attractive concept that few people will ever consider, “What to do with enlightenment once I achieve it?” Even if we do ask, it’s a slippery slope to self-gratification and indulgence. Let me explain why:

Enlightenment is such an alluring goal that my mind has a conversation with itself that goes something like this: by being enlightened, I’ll understand the divine beauty of life and be happy.

Isn’t that what enlightenment is all about? It’s about being happy and wise and not misunderstanding the world of illusions (maya)?

With enlightenment, the world I see will be filled with love and light because I will be able to see the ultimate truth of it. The world is what you make of it, after all, right? It’s just a matter of perspective – if I can change my mind, I can change the world!

And with enlightenment, the problems of the world could be solved because I will be able to see the ultimate solutions, right?

Thus, with enlightenment I’ll be able to do something really important and meaningful in the world!

Yeah…then I’ll be happy. It’s all about my happiness.

What to do with Enlightenment is not your choice

The mind is a wonderful tool for problem solving and navigating the world, but it doesn’t know what to do with enlightenment.

For most people, being enlightened doesn’t result in anything because it doesn’t result in true contribution or a realization of their true Self and purpose for being alive. The mind cannot conjure or create this. Our destiny and purpose lies beyond the reach of the intellect because it was created long before our intellect was shaped.

As the New Message explains, enlightenment isn’t about transcending the world, or escaping difficulty into a state of permanent bliss and happiness. Quite to the contrary, enlightenment must take us into deeper relationship with life and into service to the world through our true purpose.

Your purpose in life is not to be enlightened. Your purpose is to live your purpose. – Marshall Vian Summers

Enlightenment serves only one purpose: to express and achieve the reason why you were born. Nothing really else matters. Our mind’s desires, wishes and plans for happiness are not what provides true satisfaction.

What brings real confidence, satisfaction and fulfillment in life is not what we would choose to do. Our mission was selected for us and we agreed to it before we were born, before our mind was filled with ideas and worldly concepts.

So, what to do with enlightenment must be in line with our true purpose for being here which is directly connected to our spiritual family who sent us from beyond this lifetime.

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