What Prevents Enlightenment

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At the check out line in my local Whole Food Market , I noticed the most recent issue of Shambhala Sun, a Buddhist magazine:

What Prevents Enlightenment

What prevents enlightenment? The Internet? TV? Culture? How can we hear that still voice inside?

It caught my eye because distraction in general, and information overload in particular, is a big problem that is often overlooked in our lives.

We have newspapers, TV, movies, radio and the Internet, which is  bigger than all the old media put together.

We can be distracted by Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, LinkedIn and many other social networks that we can get sucked into.

Then, there is email which seems to me like a never ending deluge. If you have a smart phone, text messages and alerts roll in at all hours of the day, even when we try to disconnect.

With so much stimuli, the cover of the magazine is onto something. But distraction is not what prevents enlightenment. After all, what is it that we are distracted from?

I can get so overloaded with information, that I can’t hear myself think. And that’s the real issue.

I can’t hear anymore — I can’t hear myself. I have lost my inner listening. That’s what prevents enlightenment – the learned response to a world full of too much information that we tune out the voice of our true nature.

There are so many alluring things to pay attention to – movies, TV, music, sports, politics, friends on social media, our work, the drama in our families, the drama in our schools, the drama everywhere – that we have lost touch with the deepest part of ourselves.

The deepest part of ourselves, the New Message teaches, can’t be corrupted, can’t be tempted, can’t be pacified, can’t be entertained, and can’t be distracted. The deepest part of ourselves is on a mission – and it won’t slow down for anything.

We can deny our deeper nature. We can run from it, try to divorce ourselves from it, try to distract ourselves from it, but it is always there, waiting to instruct us on why we have come to Earth at this time because it was placed there by the Divine:

 There is a greater mind within you, a greater mind that the Creator of all life has placed within you, to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to your greater accomplishments in life. This deeper mind is profoundly different from the mind that you think with. This is how God speaks to you. And you may not hear this as a voice. It may be a feeling, an image, a sound, a voice. People experience the power and presence of Knowledge differently, according to their individual orientation. – The Deeper Mind of Knowledge

Listen to the Messenger of this New Message. He picks up where the Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed left off. Clear your mind, turn off your cell phones, close your eyes, relax and listen. Enlightenment can be yours, now:

2 thoughts on “What Prevents Enlightenment

  1. Mary

    From the story of the Buddha, I got the impression that Enlightenment was something that came all at once after diligent, focused, attentive seeking, and I was always too mired in my own culture–what I thought I needed and wanted, what was really just what was being fed to my attention–to consider that Enlightenment would be available to anyone, not just those who were willing to sit in perfect stillness for weeks on end. What I see now after following the Steps to Knowledge is that Enlightenment is a practice, as you say here, of allowing the Greater Mind within to predominate, even as we go about the very modern version of “chop wood, carry water” that takes place at Whole Food Market.

  2. Mark Post author

    You’re right. According to legend, after 40 days of sitting and meditating under a tree, enlightenment came to the one known as “Buddha”. He knew his many past lives and understood the nature of “karma” and how suffering operates for generating our next life experiences.

    For those that don’t have the luxury of sitting and doing nothing for 40 days, (the Buddha was a very rich Prince with time on his hands to explore the nature of existence), there must be a way to integrate this contemplative investigation with our daily life of “carrying water and chopping wood”. I am glad you have found Steps to Knowledge, like I have, to be that pathway to integrating your inner sacred voice with our often noisy, outer world. The World needs strong contributors who are able to follow that Greater Mind within.

    For those interested in Steps to Knowledge, it is written about throughout this blog and it is available for free online: http://www.StepsToKnowledge.com

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