What is Ascension?

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what is ascension?There are many views on ascension:

What is ascension?

A quick Google search gives us some answers to the question, ‘What is ascension’:

  1. On the third day after being crucified, Jesus Christ ascended. You can ascend. Everyone will ascend.
  2. Ascension is in our DNA. Earth is evolving to a higher frequency dimension (from the Law of One series).
  3. Mayans vanished in the great Mayan ascension (from James Redfield Celestine Prophecy). Ascension is just a change of consciousness.
  4. Ascension is a new way of thinking. Ascension is evolution.

Where did the idea of ascension come from? And what is the way it is used in the New Age? Is it of human origin? Is it new language for classic millennialism or millenarianism? A reframing of Judgment Day? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Do we believe in ascension simply because we want to escape from reality? Escape from the past, escape from pain, from the mundane?

Is our belief in ascension human in origin? Or is this a manipulation, a distortion, of human belief and spirituality–the spirituality of acquiescence? Who would do such a thing? Extraterrestrial scavenger races hoping to establish a client state? What do you think?

The new Prophet of God, Marshall Vian Summers, had this to say about “ascension” in 2001:

People who are being abducted, people who are being influenced, can feel they are part of an Ascension or an Ascension movement. That can easily be manipulated from a Greater Community source, since the Greater Community seems to be an ascended state anyway. We have a lot of difficulty discerning the difference between physical space and spiritual space, and so anyone who can get here seems to have magical powers to begin with.

Ascension Planet Earth Higher Frequency Dimension

Please don’t ascend… we need your help down here!

God has delivered a New Message for the human family. We are asked to reclaim the great gift that God placed in each of us, discover what God wills for us, and give. Contribute to this marvelous planet in its time of great need

This world, in this time, in this dimension, at this frequency, on this plane. What is ascension and why do we need it if there is so  much work to do here on Earth?

If you feel you need to ascend, please ask yourself: why? Did you not come to this planet for a good reason? What did you come here to do? Simply to escape?

Finally, ask yourself: why would someone else want you to leave this planet?

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