Universal Spirituality

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Universal Spirituality

A Universal Spirituality can be experienced through Knowledge

In order for there to be a  Universal Spirituality, it must Serve All Worlds, All Beings, All Religions and All Races. It must be transferable between worlds, and races.

The Angelic Assembly that watches over our World along with other worlds, have at this time in Humanity’s Evolution, given us the pure path of True Universal Spirituality. It  is called Knowledge, also known as the Holy Spirit, the most powerful force in the Universe.

Knowledge can not be manipulated, corrupted, controlled or overtaken. Steps to Knowledge, is an amazing journey. Step by Step you build  a greater relationship with this inherent power within.

Knowledge is what you experience through out your life in times of intuitive, instinctive, and gut feeling moments. So you can and do have direct experience of this power within. To develop it you need to take the Steps to Inner Knowledge. How does it work?

“Specifically in the practice that is presented in the Book of Steps to Knowledge. The Book of Inner Knowing. We would like to speak about learning and living the Way of Knowledge. As a fundamental spiritual focus and practice and application in life. To begin with let us speak about what Knowledge is and why it is so important for you. Knowledge represents the deeper Spiritual Mind within you. The Mind that Knows”

There is a universal spirituality and it lives in every sentient being in the universe.

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