Total Awareness

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I hate not knowing everything. I strive for total awareness. And yet, what does it get me? Nothing, really.

Because I don’t know everything. I can’t know everything. And I can’t have total awareness.

total awareness

Secrets of Heaven helps to ease the pressure to be Enlightened

That’s the price of being human, of being in the World. It’s the price of having a body.

And that’s what makes the allure of Enlightenment so appealing: I can transcend my body, I can transcend my limitations, and I can be all-knowing.

But Enlightenment is just a nice story while I’m on Earth.

As a new book points out, being here in this world, and in this body requires that we NOT be enlightened. That’s why we came here — to experience the separation from pure relationship, the separation from God, and the separation from an all-knowing state of our existence:

Being in a body in the World necessitates a certain level of ignorance. Accept this. Do not strive for total awareness, or you will neglect what can actually be done here. Secret #68 from Secrets of Heaven

This book, Secrets of Heaven, is trying to remind us that we know what Enlightenment is from the time before we were born. But we came into this limited environment, this limited body and this limited World to learn something, to contribute something, and to remember something very important.

If we had total awareness, it would ruin our journey, and it would ruin our purpose for coming to Earth at this time. It would be like knowing what we were getting for Christmas before we opened our presents.

After reading Secrets, I’m thankful that I’m not enlightened, and I’m thankful that I’m not totally aware. And I can’t wait to continue on this mysterious journey…

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