Time to Enlighten Up

Enlightenment happens when we become aware of or learn something important we didn’t know before. This new learning comes from a source outside ourselves. Very important enlightenment has come to us from the Allies of Humanity.

The Allies of Humanity are a group of off-planet observers from different worlds. Their aim is to alert humanity to the reality of contact with other intelligent races in our local region of space. Several of these races are here now (Intervention), seeking advantage and dominion here in this biologically rich and super valuable planet in a universe of barren ones.

Q: Are there many worlds such as ours in space?

A: There are many worlds that have been stripped of their natural resources and have become barren as a result. Certainly, terrestrial worlds such as yours are rare, maybe one out of five or six thousand planets contain the biological diversity that you enjoy and take for granted here in your world. That still accounts for many planets in the universe. But such planets are always occupied, are always valued and the native races always have to defend their rights, their privileges and their stewardship as they begin to emerge into the Greater Community. [emphasis added]

—from The Allies of Humanity, Book Three

The Allies enlighten us on so many issues with so much wisdom based in experience. (Where else does understanding come from?) It behooves us as a race to pay heed, starting yesterday. The Allies advise that we, humanity, must unite as a race, that we must be self-sufficient, and that we must be discrete.

The Intervention is here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity. Since we broadcast everything out into space, the forces here for their own interests know all about us and how to manipulate us via religion, via technology and via false promises.

Secrets of Heaven

We conventionally think of enlightenment as achieving a higher consciousness, an elevated state of awareness.

Here even enlightenment becomes a kind of fantasy for the intellect, an obsession, when in fact life only asks you to be grounded in Knowledge, to have Knowledge as your foundation. God expects nothing more.

Perfection is an obsession of the intellect. It is not a need of the soul. God does not require it. And neither should you.  —from Being Alone

The Allies of Humanity, at great personal costs to themselves, have given us a very practical kind of enlightenment in their four books of Briefings to date. These Briefings are a gift to humanity that we ignore at our peril.

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