The Way of Enlightenment

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Many people around the world seek for deeper truth. People want to know. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Do we have a destiny, and how can we find it? Many people seek enlightenment, deep understanding of the universe, and perhaps an escape from the wheel of suffering. And so people search for the path, the way of enlightenment.

The most direct method to the way of enlightenment is through Self Knowledge. It is the spiritual pathway at the heart of the New Message from God, and it lays out the practices and perspective that have guided many people to a profound understanding of their life purpose, how the world works, and what lies beyond.

The Way of EnlightenmentThe Way of enlightenment

For those who seek enlightenment, it is very important to know about Knowledge, whether you call it that or something else.

Knowledge is the deeper mind that God has placed within each individual. We experience it as self-knowledge, or profound conscience, abiding intuition, or a transcendent presence beneath the surface of the mind.

At its most sincere, the way of enlightenment is the pursuit of Knowledge, searching for that connection with the divine, that connection with life, with purpose, with destiny. If that is your aim, then the way of enlightenment is available for you. It is the New Message from God.

The search for enlightenment can have dishonest roots, as well. People seek the way of enlightenment as a means of escape, a way out of the pain and the confusion of their minds; a bandage to cover up a painful past or challenging circumstances in the present.

“The whole focus on the path of enlightenment [is] skewed and incorrect. People seek to have greater peace and equanimity. They want to feel better and feel better and feel better, and the reason they do not feel better is in part that they are not preparing for the future and they are experiencing anxiety and discomfort.” – from The New Message from God

But we were not born in this world at this time in these circumstances merely to escape back to heaven. You were sent here for a purpose. God has a plan and a calling for you.

To spend your existence simply trying to find God again is pointless. You will return to God when your work here is complete.

So, find what that work is. Life has a calling for you. Can you hear it? Can you follow it? For this is the way of enlightenment.


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