Spiritual Journey

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spiritual journeyOnce you begin to question yourself and your life on the Earth, real honesty begins. You are then beginning a spiritual journey within.

A great spiritual journey is made up of many little steps, just like a journey up a great mountain. Each one is necessary. You have to be honest with yourself and not afraid to go deep within yourself where you would prefer to not go.

Do not try to mix  spiritual ideas from different spiritual traditions.

Begin your spiritual journey fresh and without requiring others to come with you. Because this is your journey, not your partner’s journey and not your friend’s journey.

A Spiritual Journey Inside Radiates Outward

Your first and most important challenge is with yourself and with your primary relationships: your partner, your loved ones, and your family.

If you feel a spiritual emergence arising that you must respond to, you will have to change your relationship with your family. You cannot experience true change within and not have your relationships not reflect that change. You must do it, and not wait for someone else to do it for you.

You have to have an open mind and constantly put aside things that you think you believe in and understand. You have to be free of your thoughts that represent the past, so you can have a place for new ones.

Are you living the life you were meant to live? Are you really being honest with yourself about what you are doing regarding your activities and involvements with others? Are your relationships built on a firm foundation, and upon a real resonance with one another? Are you engaged in work that will be sustainable into the future, given the Great Waves of Change that are coming to the world? Are you overusing the resources of the world? What is your relationship there? Are you honestly engaged with the primary people of your life? Or are these relationships only established for convenience and for personal benefit? – “Real Change” from the New Message from God

Without Knowledge to guide you, your mind will continue to reinforce its old ideas by interpreting every new experience, every new encounter and every new relationship in such a way to bolster and validate old concepts.

People who are learning and living The Way of Knowledge are constantly being renewed and refreshed because they are close to life, and they are close to Knowledge. Their thoughts change, grow and evolve.

You will encounter one challenge after another, one threshold after another on your spiritual journey.

It’s like climbing a mountain. It takes time, strength and perseverance. At the beginning, you don’t have a complete view yet, so you can’t judge your progress or the journey itself.

From higher points of view you can look back and see your journey and your progress. You have to set your eyes and heart to the top of the mountain and just keep going, no matter how hard it might get.

There will be a time when you will want to give up and turn around, but you must keep going, because you are not doing this just for your self, but also for your Spiritual Family who has sent you here.

They sent you here for a purpose. To find it, you have to take the spiritual journey within. Once you discover and complete the purpose you were sent here to complete, you won’t have to come back to this life anymore, and you will get a new assignment.

Are you ready to take your spiritual journey?

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