Spiritual Healing

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We all know that spiritual healing takes time. Who among us does not have some kind of experience in their life to recover from?

For many, spiritual healing is needed to wipe away the bad taste that organized religions of the world has left in our mouths, or better said, our relationship with the “old God” concept.

From that starting point, it may be a long stretch before one can even accept the word “God” as a healthy and positive presence to receive in our lives.

Consider that perhaps the reason you cannot connect with God is that you cannot even connect with one person in your life due to a past trauma. How then do we begin spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing: Toots and the Maytals

What the world needs today A little spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is not something you can do in one day or in an intense workshop. It is also something you cannot do alone, and you cannot do it with fear as a motivator.

In fact, it is the outcome of engaging with someone or something you are meant to be with. Maybe it is in finally being honest with yourself, finally reaching out to that person. Maybe it starts from leaving a job, leaving a living place, or from doing something you have always wanted to do.

When you move closer to your purpose, you begin to arrive at a place that feels like home. This is something to celebrate! You are facing reality.

“People think healing is just making painful things go away, like healing a wound in your body. But healing at the level of your thinking and emotions is really something else. It is not just an escape from pain; it is not just wanting to make something go away. It requires facing something and determining its real value and meaning for your life. That is healing. It is turning something that was harmful and painful into something that is beneficial and useful. It is the recognition and the restoration of wisdom and value from something.” – From the New Message From God

From this place of acceptance, others can receive for you. You become a well for them to draw from – and this does not deplete you.

The New Message From God states, “Whatever healing transpires within you must be expressed in the world, and this expression will complete the inner process of healing.” (Relationships and Higher Purpose) So, even if you feel like you must retreat and hide in order to heal (that may be part of it at first), it will take true involvement with your purpose in the world to create what you are really seeking in spiritual healing.

A Pathway for Spiritual Healing

 The New Message and  its core text, the Steps To Knowledge provide all the tools you need to be healed and eventually position yourself to serve this world that you have come to serve.

In the end, it is your Greater Purpose that will fill the emptiness that the pain of separation has created. There are so many options in the world to aid you in spiritual healing.  However, you must not give your precious time and energy to many paths. The best way is the direct way.

If you are seeking Spiritual Healing, a good question to ask yourself is “why?” What is motivating this need for change or need for your inner stability? Are you truly sick of the suffering? Has one specific event or person triggered this?

What you will find after scraping away the layers is that what you are really seeking is to join with God and your Spiritual Family through your Greater Purpose.

Doing Nothing

One of the most important aspects of healing, is leaving things alone. Ninety percent of the time you leave things alone, like someone cultivating a garden. Ten percent of the time you carry out a very specific action that makes everything else possible. By leaving things alone, I am not saying you neglect things because the good gardener never neglects the garden, but he or she understands that there is a greater process that actually produces and brings about the results in a predictable manner.

This is a new way of helping people. Often when people help others, they want the other person to look good so that they themselves can feel okay. It is very upsetting having someone around in misery, crying and making a big fuss! You can’t have a good time with someone like that, and if you don’t help them, well, you feel terrible about yourself.

Knowledge as Spiritual Healing

But Knowledge is different. Knowledge waits for the moment and then gives the remedy. The rest of the time it seems to be asleep, like God. It seems to be doing nothing about the situation, like God.

Like God, Knowledge seems to be quiet ninety percent of the time. So, as you go about your basic worldly responsibilities, you can be quiet ninety percent of the time. If Knowledge is not indicating for you to do something, do not do anything. Just carry out the obvious duties in your life.

Then, if you are taking care of sick people, just take care of sick people. Do the normal things and once in a while Knowledge will move you to do something, so do that. If Knowledge is quiet ninety percent of the time, well, then, you can be quiet too. People can barely be quiet one percent of the time, so you can see that being quiet ninety percent of the time is a very peaceful state. And yet it is an extremely alert and powerful state.

The person of Knowledge has great impact on other people because he or she is living a different life and always has a reservoir of energy.

By living The Way of Knowledge, you realize that everything is for a purpose, and you understand that purpose does not come from your intellect but from a very deep place within you.

You do not understand it very fully because Knowledge transcends mental understanding. That is what makes you able to do something really important in life. Therefore, if you came into this life to accomplish something and you are not doing it, you will not feel good. You will become sick and bogged down in yourself.

Knowledge vs. Ambition

Knowledge is very different from personal ambition. With Knowledge, healing others is something that simply happens naturally, and you don’t even know what is happening. If you are pregnant with Knowledge, you will activate Knowledge in others, and hopefully you will know not to interfere with the process. You will know it is not you who activating Knowledge in others, though you are playing a significant role.

So, I am giving you the big remedy. Some of you will use it and won’t know why you are using it; it’s just the thing to do because Knowledge is moving you. When Knowledge is moving you, there is incredible Mystery in your life, and there is wonder. And you don’t have to be a perfect person, mentally or physically, to experience Knowledge and Spiritual Healing.

If you have one leg and one arm and one eye and one ear and you look ridiculous, you can still be one of the most powerful people in history. Why? Because something is happening in your life, and it does not just happen in your life. It happens to everyone who comes in contact with you.

You are not just an individual now trying to fulfill yourself. You are something bigger. You are your entire Spiritual Family. Your life is like the tip of the pen that touches the paper, but what is feeding your life is actually the vessel that holds the reservoir of ink. That is when you feel that you are the place where Heaven and Earth touch together. You don’t have to have that experience often, but if you have had it once, it will be enough.

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  1. Patience Adams

    It is a revolution a message of purpose it explains lot of,things which has bein happening.i saw signs of evolution in my live,flet reintegration to a higher level of civilization.i hd gained supper powers which i can’t acount for or explain,ever1 i met i knew i had to meet them and Deposit knowledge in them.it all is Divinity to me@lost the Most High God brought the new message to purposeful .

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