Spiritual Deceptions

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One of the greatest spiritual deceptions is: “Everything will work out fine.” Or, said another way, “Everything works out for the best.”

Spiritual deceptionsSpiritual deceptions are effective because we want them to be true. Spiritual deceptions exist because we are not honest with ourselves and we wish not to see clearly; we wish to remain in fantasy and wishful thinking.

Any shallow examination of history will show you that everything doesn’t “work out fine” for victims of war. Everything didn’t “work out for the best” in the Holocaust (11 million people murdered), or in the European invasion of the Americas (25 million people murdered), or in the African slave trades (10 million people murdered).

It’s a sad but true fact that awful things occur, people suffer every day and we are virtually powerless to prevent or stop them. That’s what makes these spiritual deceptions so powerful and appealing. They give us the illusion that a greater force is operating which will protect us and take care of us.

When we use any spiritual deception, we become like children. We don’t have to worry about people who are suffering, animals who are dying, the Earth which is being destroyed, or any other unpleasant and wholly disturbing events in the world.

Like all Deceptions, Spiritual Deceptions are Lies

Unfortunately, these spiritual deceptions are lies. And like all lies, when we believe in them and use them, they make us feel weak and impotent. Lies make us docile and easily pacified.

Spiritual deceptions are being used to pacify the population. Chances are, that if you have sought out information on how to “become enlightened” then you have come across this pacification program through spiritual deceptions. Here is a passage from the Allies of Humanity on how spiritual deceptions work and why they are in the world:

People who are being pacified will be led to believe that they are gaining higher consciousness when in fact all of their power is being taken away from them. The Pacification Program is based upon an understanding of human psychology and human tendencies. Here people are conditioned to think that in order to be acceptable to God, they must basically give away what God has given them to use…

Crop Circle EnlightenmentWhere did this come from? Is such acquiescence purely a human invention? Is this something that people just concoct for themselves in order to be happy in the moment? Well, in some cases, this is true. But consider the pacification of humanity. How are people pacified? They are told what they want to hear, and they are told they don’t really need to consider anything else. After all, if everything that happens to you is good, then why resist anything? Just embrace it all! This is the Pacification Program at work.

This influence is becoming omnipresent around you. People flock to places where the Intervention is operating, thinking that the “energy” there is so high. They say, “This is such an enlightening place.” Oh, my God! They are jumping into the fire. They are giving themselves away wholeheartedly. They go to these places and they feel the energy there, and they think, “Oh, this is really a powerful place. This is where it is happening!” And the longer they stay, the less they know, and the less they think they can return to their former lives. They become ever more listless and self-involved, and they become ever more dysfunctional.

For further reading on one of the greatest spiritual deceptions in the history of mankind which is occurring RIGHT NOW, I recommend reading the briefings from the Allies of Humanity. All Books are free to read online.

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