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Self KnowledgeSpiritual practices in many of the world’s religious traditions offer paths toward achieving inner peace, greater meaning and, in some traditions, self knowledge. These spiritual practices usually focus on achieving an enlightened state of being or a high spiritual experience.

In contrast, the New Message teachings  focus on developing a greater experience of everyday life, and the capacity to see, to know and to act in harmony with the Greater Will of the Universe — God’s Will in manifest life. The foundation for this way of living is Self Knowledge.

The great body of the New Revelation contains the map to a deeper experience both of one’s innate nature and the forces of the world.

To delineate and navigate through the ego or personal mind beyond to the mind of self knowledge is to advance in life.

Traveling the way of Knowledge increases strength, intuition, wisdom and certainty as the New Message states:

 “With Knowledge you will know what to do, and your certainty will be so strong that it will be difficult for you to doubt it or to argue against it.” – Steps to Knowledge, Step 236

Self Knowledge vs. Intellectual Knowledge

Self Knowledge is different than intellectual knowledge or information.  Within the journey of gaining skill in Self Knowledge, it is not sufficient to only know your preferences, fears, or personal dilemmas.  It is not enough to reach a great spiritual height and have blissful experiences.

For why would one come into the world, a place of action, and a place of consequence if these pursuits did not bring about a deeper engagement in life or enhance wisdom?

You have come into the world for a purpose,  “You are here to serve. You are here to give. You are here because you are rich with Knowledge.”

 Who would not benefit from a profound experience of themselves and their deeper nature?

If you have identified your need to receive and be guided toward a greater involvement in life, then you may be ready to begin the preparation.  If you feel you have a calling in the world that surpasses the dictates of your culture, if you feel the world’s problems will require a unity and determination that the people of the world have not yet developed, you may be ready to begin.

Is it time to develop in the way of self-knowledge? The first step is to take the Steps to Knowledge.

steps to knowledge

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