Seeking Enlightenment

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Seeking EnlightenmentWhy are we seeking enlightenment? Aren’t we really seeking escape?

Perhaps, we want to be free of attachment, free of bondage, immersed in the consciousness of all life and of God. Maybe we want to be unburdened of anger, resentment, low self-esteem.

Maybe we want to bypass our life and our responsibilities. That won’t work, of course. Enlightenment won’t change us or our reality. As the New Message from God says,

“Do not hold enlightenment as the goal of your life, for the person you are seeking to enlighten is the one who is standing in your way.” (Wisdom from the Greater Community)

Seeking Enlightenment is Ambition

Seeking enlightenment is simply ambition. It is self-serving and creates grandiose self-importance. We create a personal goal to have the ultimate experience of happiness and contentment, at the expense of everything else. And we might sacrifice everything for this imaginary goal — our lives, our resources, our relationships, our self-determination and our freedom.

“If you think your life is just for your own growth, you will become self-absorbed and miss the whole point.” – from Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One, Chapter 8)

There is no escape in life. There is no ascension to a better place. We were sent into the world to serve the needs of the world. This is it. This is what we came for.

“You did not come here to be a mass consumer, to use everything in the world for your own edification, for your own satisfaction, for your own happiness.  This is a very important point of clarification, because if you do not see this, then you will think of enlightenment as a kind of noble road to take, the ultimate pursuit, the greatest adventure, the greatest and most significant challenge in life. But you risk missing what is fundamental to who you are and to the greater purpose that has brought you into the world.” – from the New Message revelation “Enlightenment”  – September 18, 2008)

If your definition of seeking enlightenment is to seek what God wills for you, to discover what God has placed within you to guide you, then that is a worthwhile goal.

“There are no heroes to worship now, no individuals to deify, only greater responsibility to be assumed and a greater wisdom to be utilized. There is no escape through personal enlightenment. There is no running away. There is no self-deception. There is only greater resonance and responsibility, greater sacrifice and contribution. That is what will save the world. That is what will save humanity’s freedom and self-determination in a universe where freedom is rare and must be protected very carefully. This is what will restore dignity to the individual and the ability to contribute something of greater power and significance, no matter what your circumstances may be.”  – from the New Message revelation “The Recitation” April 1, 2011)

In the end, seeking enlightenment does not contribute to the world. It only contributes to our confusion about our purpose and destiny for being in the world. The New Message teaches that it is better to seek relationships of purpose in order to feel true peace and fulfillment while in the world.

Read more about about the wisdom of relationships and enlightenment in Wisdom from the Greater Community:

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2 thoughts on “Seeking Enlightenment

  1. Giok Nio Yapari

    I am not looking for enlightenment. I do not believe such a thing truly exists, or at least not in the same way that most people seem to think it does. My goal is to find purpose and meaning.

    “Each of us has been sent into the world for a greater purpose, waiting to be discovered. This greater purpose resides beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, in Knowledge deep within us.”

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