Seeing Clearly and Watching the World

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Being enlightened often conjures up images of remote monks meditating on a high mountain top. Or, enlightenment is seen as an ultimate state of awareness which leads to joy and happiness.

What I say is: real happiness doesn’t happen in a far away place, or lead to great happiness. Enlightenment is simply seeing clearly and paying careful attention to the world as we move through it.

Seeing clearly the world

Hurricane Irma

For what is intelligence if not the ability to effectively respond to life’s challenges? What is the good of enlightenment if it can’t help you to respond to danger in the world, or even opportunity, when presented to you?

And so as I reflect upon the many natural disasters of this season: Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods and Fires, I think enlightenment is simply seeing things as they are, including the mortal dangers and the unforgiving natural disasters that may be lurking just over the horizon of our awareness.

To this end, I am fascinated by the overwhelming evidence of global climate change caused by humans, and yet, the fervent denial of this enormous catastrophe as it is slowly brewing in front of our eyes. Must we be enlightened to see it? Or, maybe the path to enlightenment is an encumbrance to seeing this danger.

An enlightenment that only seeks peace and happiness in the moment will not save us from natural disasters because we will be too focused on our own happiness and fulfillment. And this enlightenment certainly will not save us from the worldwide changes in our climate that are threatening the survival of civilization.

For such a huge threat, we will need something greater than a minority of the population becoming enlightened. We will need assistance on a scale never seen before, from a source barely understood and through a vehicle that is less than stunning and impressive. Hear then this warning. Feel the intent of this prophecy…

For you, dear reader, I hope you can receive this gift of warning and this gift of love:

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