Inherent Greater Power

“What is enlightenment but simply coming to terms with the reality of your life and calling upon the Greater Power inherent within you to enable you to do this?”

(from Chapter 9 in Living the Way of Knowledge, received by Marshall Vian Summers)

Hidden Treasure

This Greater Power lives within all sentient beings. In the Greater Community Way of Knowledge, it is called Knowledge, the Holy Spirit—our tether to Heaven and to the Divine. Jesus was sent into the world to exemplify and teach this Way of Knowledge.

“Jesus set into motion a direct relationship with the Divine through the intermediary of the Holy Spirit, which in Greater Community understanding would be defined as Knowledge itself. This relationship emphasized the Divine reality within each person and the possibility for personal revelation and spiritual development.”

(Greater Community Spirituality, ch. 26, Who Is Jesus? Summers)

Would not this personal revelation and spiritual development be enlightenment?

The Initiator

“Jesus set into motion a great era of development, an era that would serve and challenge people all around the world. His was not the only example, but he was a primary figure. Though he has been idolized and deified, though he has been condemned and scorned, and though he has been used by groups, organizations, tribes and governments for their own purposes, his example still remains—the recognition of one person by another across all boundaries of culture, race, economic position, language and orientation. His example provided a greater foundation for relationship, a greater foundation for recognition and a greater possibility for mutual development and achievement. This has been necessary for the development of international societies. This has also been necessary for the development and advancement of your race into a technological age.” (Who Is Jesus?, Greater Community Spirituality, Summers)


“[H]e demonstrated a great truth—that a person’s purpose, however great or small, however visible or invisible to the eyes of others, must be in accordance with the needs and evolution of the world. Here religion serves whole eras of human development. This is understood from a Greater Community perspective, a perspective which you now have an opportunity to learn and to utilize.” (Who Is Jesus?)

Purpose of Religion

“In essence, all religion is to teach The Way of Knowledge, to bring the individual into the direct experience of Knowledge, the deeper mind beyond the intellect, the mind that God has provided each person to guide them, to protect them and to lead them to a greater life and expression in the world.” (The New Message on Religion)


“What Jesus set into motion has universal application, but only in its purest sense. His emphasis on devotion, on forgiveness, on tolerance and on spiritual identity has permanent value. Here we must distinguish between the founder of a faith and the establishment of the religion that is built upon that faith.” (Who Is Jesus?)


(Secrets of Heaven, Mystery Teachings of the Angels; Marshall Vian Summers)

The Pure Religion

God is speaking again to the world in the form of a vast Revelation received over the past 40 years by Marshall Vian Summers. It is a warning, a blessing and a preparation. Among its many gifts is the book, The Pure Religion, to be published 1 January 2020. The teachings therein are pathways back to the essence of Jesus’ and all the great Messengers’ teachings, unalloyed by man. “The Pure Religion is a book of revelation given from God to reveal anew the deeper heart and meaning of the world’s religions and the Power and Presence of God, which seeks to speak to all people of all faith traditions in the world at this time.” (The Pure Religion)

Jesus: one pathway

“You may think of Jesus as either a man with a Divine purpose or as a Divine being with a human purpose. […] He was a man who realized Knowledge and contributed Knowledge in his time and helped to set into motion, through the efforts of many other people, a greater emphasis in life and a means for re-experiencing this emphasis through a tradition of devotion, dedication and service.” (Who Is Jesus?)

Every day is the opportunity to receive the Mass of Christ. Jesus’ teachings on compassion, forgiveness and devotion are universal and can be practiced anywhere by anyone. Christmas is the celebration of every moment a person is moved by the Holy Spirit and contributes to others from that experience.

For further reading, please see The Meaning of Christmas (Summers).

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