Money Can’t Buy Enlightenment

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Money Can't Buy Enlightenment...butMoney can’t buy enlightenment, just like money can’t buy you love.

However, a lack of money can prevent enlightenment. Not having enough to eat will hinder enlightenment and so will not having a roof over your head and so will not having security in life. If you are oppressed by the yoke of government or religion, you will not be able to seek for enlightenment

No, money can’t buy enlightenment but without it, spiritual development takes a back seat to more pressing problems in your life.

Though poverty has always been with you and though oppression has always been in the world, these create an unnatural condition—a condition where the natural abilities, creativity and inspiration of people are suppressed and diminished, where the light of Knowledge, the greater intelligence that God has placed within each person as a potential, becomes extinguished. – from “The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed

The light of Knowledge is what the New Message from God calls our true self that is connected to God. It is the part of us that never dies and is enlightened because it is not of this world. Unlike our minds and bodies which will decay and perish, Knowledge is immortal and wise and knows exactly why we are here.

Knowledge doesn’t need money and Knowledge isn’t afraid of poverty. All Knowledge cares about is you doing what you came here to do in concert with certain people at a certain time. However, in order for you to complete your mission, Knowledge needs some basic resources. Challenging circumstances can slow your journey to enlightenment:

People must now survive in difficult environments where there is constant problem solving, constant adaptation and constant effort to secure the basic resources that everyone needs—food and water, shelter, clothing, protection from the elements, stability and security. If these needs have not been met, then the greater potential for the individual cannot be realized.  – from “The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed

This greater potential is what is desperately needed in the world today. With growing environmental problems, with escalating conflicts in Asia and Africa, with the threat of resource depletion, the world needs contributors. The world needs contributors who are enlightened with Knowledge of Self, Knowledge of Purpose and Knowledge of Destiny.

Money can’t buy enlightenment, but it certainly helps.

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