Mistakes into Miracles

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Mistakes into Miracles lessonEveryone wants enlightenment but few actually want to get dirty doing it.

Let’s face it: growth is difficult and challenging. We don’t get stronger by lifting un-heavy weights. And we don’t learn anything without expanding our mind.

And no one wants to make a mistake in order to learn the wisdom it has offer – at least I certainly didn’t. Growing up, I felt so much pressure to be perfect and not to make a mistake.

I won approval and praise from parents, teachers and clergy. As a result, I was viewed as the “perfect boy,” and I liked it that way!

However, I learned that it is a mistake to never accept making mistakes!

Of course, mistakes and errors should be avoided, especially when we know better. But our mistakes can be turned into miracles as they push us to become stronger, more effective and wiser people.

The greater the past mistakes, the greater the Wisdom training they contain. Your errors are the soil from which wisdom grows. – Marshall Vian Summers

I can attest that the big mistakes in my life were certainly the biggest lessons learned.

How to Turn Mistakes into Miracles

The New Message from God gives us clues for turning mistakes into miracles in our life.

The key is objectivity. Can we observe ourselves and our lives like a dispassionate scientist or a detective searching for the truth?

To garner real wisdom, you must review your past objectively and dispassionately, like a detective sifting through the evidence. – Marshall Vian Summers

Real gold of lifeCan we we honestly look at our lives and the choices we made, and truthfully acknowledge the mistakes? THIS IS THE KEY to tuning mistakes into miracles – and the key is already in our hand!

Of course, by doing this, we risk feeling shame, guilt, anger, embarrassment and other unpleasant emotions. Remember that growth is hard?

Spiritual folks sometimes like to proclaim, “Everything works out for the best,” when faced with a painful reality.  And many religious people sometimes proclaim, “It is all God’s Will,” when looking at mistakes in our lives. This is plain old denial. It is a refusal to be present to one’s own life.

We look away at the accidents in our lives because it is isn’t pretty and it doesn’t make us look good. But this is the real gold of life – the stuff that can transform our mind, body and spirit into something more beneficial for our life and the lives of others around us!

If we never make a mistake, we never learn and we never deliver the miracles we have to give to this world.

Avoid mistakes, but when they happen – embrace them – and look at them objectively for what they can teach us – if you can get a little dirty.

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