Goals Beyond our Reach

Like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or the search for perfection in many fields of endeavor, our human mind seems literally hell-bent on goals beyond our reach.

Goals Beyond on Reach - Marshall trying to communicate on RedditYou can see this in athletics or the arts. You can see this in people who profess, “You can never be too skinny or too rich.”

The search for perfection is constant. It seems like we’re never enough, never good enough and never have accomplished enough, at least in my Western mind.

And the spiritual seeker falls into the same trap. Except we don’t call it perfection, we call it “enlightenment.”

A man with a new spiritual teaching for humanity, Marshall Vian Summers, has been discussing the new message from God on Reddit. There he explained, to a largely skeptical audience, the fallacy of enlightenment:

The New Message does not emphasize enlightenment. For enlightenment, as it has been defined in the great teachings of the past, is a goal that is beyond the reach of nearly everyone. God has sent you into the world to serve the world with honesty and humility. The world needs this service that you can provide. You were designed for this specifically.

This deeper Knowledge within you holds this for you and is moving you towards this greater service even at this moment. This is where you will find your true fulfillment. God redeems you though this Knowledge and blesses the world at the same time. God serves the world working through people from the inside out, believers and non-believers alike.

We really don’t have to reach for goals beyond our grasp. It’s challenging enough to discern, know and follow our true purpose in life. And this is at the heart of us, perhaps buried deep inside, but it is the core of our being and our soul. If that isn’t reachable, what is?


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