The freedom to be enlightened

30 March 2020

The way of enlightenment I practice is along the Steps to Knowledge. My Step du jour is 302: I will not resist the world today. It is preceded by 301 (imagine that): I will not lose myself in anxiety today. They are especially pertinent and timely; good to be with, too.

First paragraph of Step 301:

Do not allow the habit of losing yourself in anxiety to capture your mind this day. Accept that you are entering a greater life with a greater sense of purpose. Allow yourself to rely upon the certainty of Knowledge within you and its confirmation of your true relationships. [Step 300: I receive all those who are my Spiritual Family today.] Be at peace this day. Allow stillness to abide with you as you walk through the world.

From Step 302:

Do not resist the world, for the world is the place you have come to serve. It is the place where Knowledge will express itself as you learn to become a vehicle for Knowledge. Allow the world to be as it is, for without your condemnation it will be far easier for you to be in the world, to utilize its resources and to recognize its opportunities.

Do not resist the world, for you are from beyond the world.

Opportunity inside challenge

Quiescent times do not call out our strengths. What is happening in the world now is second only to an asteroid strike in severity to a planet—not a quiescent time, certainly. Yet it is an opportunity to accept the reality of the world and of Separation. This reality calls me into that “greater life with a greater sense of purpose,” if I step up and accept the responsibility of carrying Knowledge in the world. Step 282 is about this.


Carrying Knowledge in the world requires responsibility. Your responsibility is to follow Knowledge and to learn to express Knowledge adequately and purposefully. In this, your human abilities will need to be cultivated and elevated. Discernment and all the other qualities of value within yourself will need to be cultivated as well, for you must learn to express that which you carry. You must learn to follow it and become a worthy vehicle for it.

I can either step up and participate in life the way I was meant to. Or I can allow my life to end up a “troubled dream and no more,” as the unStep between Steps 9 and 10 puts it.

“Go forth and learn.” –Rabbi Hillel

My education in The Way of Knowledge, begun seven years ago, has taught me the goal here isn’t happiness. It is service according to one’s nature and design. I experienced what I’d read that that goal starts with unburdening, which catastrophe hastens mercilessly. (I’ll tell you my tree story sometime. I’ve been saying for a long time Mother Nature always wins.)


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Responsibility is the work done inside and unburdening is the outside work; I am called to do both in this world. I am learning that the key to success here is freedom—fundamentally. Freedom.

When my choices are limited, it behooves me to be free to accept that. As the world transitions into its Great Waves of change way of being, it behooves me to be free to allow that. I’ll have a much better chance of contributing to the good.


The Way of Knowledge assures me, and all others who accept and allow its teachings to be experienced, being free enough to serve the world as it is renders a satisfaction and a happiness that are matchless.

Freedom to develop “discernment and all the other qualities of value” is enlightenment.


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