Personhood: exercising authority

Secrets of Heaven

The condition of Personhood

A late friend of mine, Russell, would often say, “It’s hard being a person.” He had many good reasons for so saying, largely around his health. Certainly not around his mind. Sharp as a tack and effulgent he was. And he was correct about the condition of personhood. It is difficult. In fact, Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger from God who is in the world today, says that the world is a hospital full of sick people. You don’t get cross at the people in a hospital for being sick.

“So living in Separation is an unhealthy environment for eternal beings. And seeking to find happiness and equanimity in a changing and hazardous environment such as the Earth is a kind of very stressful experience for eternal beings. We weren’t designed for this. This may be one of the reasons why it takes us so long to grow up, to finally get acclimated to being here.

“So I think accepting this image that everyone’s mentally ill to varying degrees can lead to real acceptance and compassion.”

(excerpted from below:)

It’s only Natural

I see now why we seek enlightenment. We’re eternal beings with a connection to God and the Higher Powers. Physical personhood is not enough to satisfy the needs of our soul. It’s natural to seek enlightenment, attain the key, get the answer. The journey starts when that threshold is crossed.

“Real acceptance and compassion” is enlightenment. And it’s only made real when it’s taken out into the world in service to the world. This is why every person on the planet is here today: to serve the world, our hospital world.

Innate strength: Authority

We gain strength exercising our authority. God, the Creator of all life, has given us authority over our thoughts and behavior, making us responsible partners in our relationship with the Divine. The Creator endowed all sentient beings with Knowledge so that we can become strong and responsible partners.

“The Creator realized that you needed to demonstrate your own strength and authority in order to reclaim your identity and to realize and to fulfill your mission in the world. If you relied on the Creator for all these things, you would never claim this authority, and you would never regain your true ability or your true function in life.” *

“Here you must honor what is known instead of being a servant to what is wanted.” *


Our inner authority is our capacity to govern our thoughts and behavior. However, we cannot govern our purpose, meaning and direction. This is the endowment from God and the fulcrum of our relationship with the Higher Powers. Wise decision making, honesty, humility engender our authority to become more trusted and reliable. Heaven notices this. We begin to share our authority with the Divine. It’s a beautiful relationship, the fruits of which emerge and express naturally. We can serve as orderlies, nurses, helpers in this hospital world and begin to satisfy the needs of the soul.


The cited sources here are from The New Message from God, received by the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers.

See also Sharing Authority with God, here.

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