Enlightenment is a Misnomer

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enlightenment is a misnomer

Secrets of Heaven shows that enlightenment is a misnomer

It would be wise indeed to relinquish the idea of personal enlightenment altogether. It is a misnomer. The person you are seeking to enlighten is the obstacle that stands in your way. Who you are is not the person you seek to enlighten. – Secret #97, Secrets of Heaven

This information would have saved me countless years in spiritual searching. I assumed that enlightenment would make me happier and that I was in need of “improvement.”

Enlightenment for me was like one more task to complete on the “bucket list” before I died.

Some questions about enlightenment always came up for me:

  • Is enlightenment like a DIY job where I go get the instructions and materials?
  • How is it possible to enlighten myself if a part of me is already enlightened? Doesn’t that make me enlightened already?
  • Who is the one doing the “improving” on myself? Is that my “true” self?

The notion that I will enlighten myself implies that there are two people inside of me: the one needing enlightenment and the one to do the “improving.”

It seems a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Two people inside myself and one will “fix” the other.

The quote above confirms my insanity: “The person you are seeking to enlighten is the obstacle that stands in your way.”

The entire concept of enlightenment is misguided and delusional – that’s why enlightenment is a misnomer.

Like a Dog Chasing It’s Tail, Enlightenment is a Misnomer

Enlightenment is like a dog chasing its tailThe very desire to become “enlightened” is what prevents anything close to what most of us would consider to be enlightenment: happiness, wisdom, peace, etc.

As long as there is a feeling that we need “enlightenment”, we will never have an experience anything like what we may think of as “enlightened”.

And the notion that I will “fix” myself into something better than before is a wild goose chase that will never go anywhere because the person inside myself judging me to be in need of “improvement” is crazy with multiple personalities!

So, enlightenment is a misnomer. It’s like a dog trying to catch its tail. It’s a beautiful illusion that keeps us imprisoned from realizing deeper truths about ourselves and who we really are. It’s something that can never be attained because it doesn’t exist.

If we’re really honest with ourselves, seeking enlightenment is a big waste of precious time and energy. The alternative to enlightenment, in my opinion, is Knowledge – deep knowing of our heritage, purpose and destiny. Because Knowledge of where we came from, what we are here to do, and where we are going is all that matters in this life.

Once we have knowledge and are able to act on our knowledge, happiness, peace and wisdom will flow naturally.

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