Why Enlightenment is Extremely Rare

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Spiritual enlightenment is extremely rare and yet people seek it out. Why is that?

Because this life is not like where we have come from where “oneness” and unity are experienced in complete relationship with others. In this life, separation is the norm and true relationship is rare. Pain is a more common experience than joy for most people.

Disappointment, anger and frustration are common experiences of life on Earth. Spiritual enlightenment promises an escape from the suffering in the world. That is the appeal for many religious traditions like Buddhism which offers a philosophy to escape the nearly endless cycle of karmic life, death and re-birth.

Living in Separation, people have chosen to come into a world of difficulty, a world of change, a world requiring constant adaptation, a world of competition for resources, a world of beauty but a world of adversity as well. – God’s Plan is to Save Everyone

The world seems to be such a tough, challenging place. And since religion doesn’t seem to have made a dent in the suffering of people (albeit some rare, enlightened people do exist), we may turn our eyes to a new hope for salvation and a solution to our problems.

Enlightenment is extremely rare in the universeWe may now look to Alien Extraterrestrials to give us the answers we seek on to how to overcome suffering in life and our sense of separation.

We may place our hopes of a better life in the hands of off-world peoples who must surely have more wisdom and tools to escaping suffering. Right?


It turns out that in our region of space (galaxy), most societies are devoid of spirituality. They are mostly technological, and tightly controlled. The amount of freedom we currently enjoy on this planet to practice spirituality and religion is almost unheard of in the greater community of worlds in which we are a small part.

Spiritual enlightenment is extremely rare in the Universe, as it is in your world. Freedom is rare in the Universe, as it is in your world. – Resisting the Intervnetion

But really, we seek spiritual enlightenment because of a distant memory of who we are. These lives we live are temporary and enlightenment is extremely rare here in this separated condition.

Choosing Separation, you had to come into a very different environment from that which you have left. And different it is, truly. You cannot imagine your Ancient Home, living in Separation. – God’s Plan is to Save Everyone

And that’s the way it should be. We will know enlightenment again, after this life is over, even if enlightenment is extremely rare in this world, and in this galaxy.

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