Enlightenment Alone is an Illusion

Enlightenment alone is an illusion

Secrets of Heaven dispels the notion that we can find enlightenment alone.

While living in separation, most of us try to achieve enlightenment alone.

We live in separate bodies and have separate minds with separate feelings. When we become adults, we often live in separate towns from our parents and if we don’t, we will likely live in separate homes and travel to jobs in separate cars.

We all eat different food and wear different clothes. Life seems to work mostly just fine in this separated state.

So, why doesn’t enlightenment also happen in a separated state?

And so comes the correction from the Angels who spoke to Marshall Vian Summers in a voice from the desert and told him to begin recording. In his newest book, Secrets of Heaven, our illusions of a separate existence are quickly smashed:

You think your enlightenment occurs within you alone. All progress is the result of relationship. Your enlightenment is the recognition of complete relationship – Secrets of Heaven, #95

Enlightenment Alone is Not Possible

The guru who found enlightenment alone

Ramana Maharshi, Indian Guru (1879–1950)

We may believe that enlightenment occurs in a far away place, in silence, and away from other people living an ascetic life.

When we imagine a person who has achieved enlightenment, the image of a celibate monk or an Indian guru living in a cave for 30 years may come into our minds .

Enlightenment is a solo sport, it would seem. Enlightenment is done alone. No?

No. The practice of achieving enlightenment alone is an illusion. For in truth, alone we can do nothing.

Even Ramana Maharshi, the guru who meditated in a cave for 30 years, needed a loyal follower to bring him food, care for his health and provide him with shelter.

If our goal is enlightenment, it is done in complete relationship with others. It can’t be done alone.

Everything he have in life is due to relationship – everything. Nothing is done alone and this includes enlightenment.


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