Disaster Leads to Development

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disaster leads to developmentWhen disaster strikes us, like it has for residents in Colorado from the floods last week, our first reactions are often anger and fear. This is natural. Once these initial emotions fade away, we can see the silver lining that disaster leads to our development which brings us closer to our true, spiritual nature.

Great Waves of Change

After all, there is nothing like a Great Wave of change such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, or fire to show us what is most important in life.

Once the pleasantries of civilized life are removed (electricity, house, fresh water or food), our focus changes.

We stop focusing on our next work assignment, the next event for our children or the next social gathering in our community. We start looking at what’s really important right now.

At this point, Knowledge within you may start to emerge. Knowledge contains the seeds of information about why you came into the world and what you came here to accomplish.

Knowledge’s only concern is that you will not recognize and fulfill your greater purpose for being in the world at this time. – from the revelation “Nature and Natural Disasters” in the New Message from God

While a disaster may seem frightening and shocking, Knowledge sees how disaster leads to development of your true life, which has been waiting for you since you were born. Disaster is a great opportunity, if you can see it this way.

Disaster Leads to Development of Knowledge

If you can listen to Knowledge, it can give you great power and focus in life that can’t be shaken. This inner knowing will lead you through the calamitous times ahead, no matter where you are or what your circumstances may be:

Even in the face of disaster, you will have an inner confidence, and it will not be a false confidence. It will not be something you simply tell yourself to placate yourself or to make yourself feel better. It is the power of Knowledge. That is your core strength, but it is mysterious. – Taken from “The Great Waves of Change


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