Out of this World?

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The Way of Enlightenment is more a preparation than a path, more a journey than an end. The New Message from God  prepares us for two major shifts in humanity’s future: the Great Waves of Change and our emergence into the Greater Community, that is, life beyond our world.

Enlightenment about life beyond our world has come from a Divine Source, as only it can. It can only come from outside our current thinking and perceptions, which are way too limited in scope and breadth to accommodate this Greater Reality.

Beyond world

You live within the Greater Community

Preparation = Enlightenment

The preparation, the “enlightenment,” if you will, has come in the form of a vast Revelation (over 9000 pages so far), given by the Source of all life, through the Angelic Assembly that oversees this world, to one man, Marshall Vian Summers. The core, or foundational Teaching, of this preparation is Steps to Knowledge, the Book of Inner Knowing It provides day by day steps to build and keep alive that connection to the Divine that all sentient beings in the universe have: Knowledge.

Life in the Universe is another core Teaching. It …

is a window into the living story of our universe: the realities of trade, travel and conflict within a Greater Community of intelligent life; the birth and death of civilizations across the stars; and the greater Plan and Purpose of the Creator who oversees the spiritual progress of life in all galaxies.

What is your connection to life beyond the world?

Beyond this world?

Life Here – There – Everywhere

The Teaching states in many places that we have come to this world to serve it and the Greater Community.

The wisdom that can be gained from the Greater Community is immense and immensely practical and relevant to everything you do and everything you will need to do in the future. […]  This is a source of inspiration because this reminds you that you are greater than your mind or your body, that you have a greater purpose in life and that the events of your life will give you an opportunity to experience and to express this purpose, which would never arise under more quiescent and normal circumstances. Your connection to life beyond this world, which is innate within you, is part of this purpose. (emphasis added) (from Life in the Universe; ch. 10: The Power of Knowledge)

We have this connection because it’s part of our future and part of our past. Maybe even reading this post evokes “a sense of ancient memory in you or a sense of future responsibility.” (Life in the Universe; ch. 14.)

We have the tools to respond, the ability to respond: Response-ability.

Beyond the World


Secret 79 Beyond the World

Secret 79 Beyond the World

(Secrets of Heaven, by Marshall Vian Summers)


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