The Antidote to Physical Reality

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God has given you the antidote to living in the physical reality. The antidote is the deeper Knowledge God has placed within you. Beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, it is. You cannot understand it with your intellect. You can only respond to it and follow it and allow it to demonstrate to you its power and efficacy. – from the revelation “The Separation”

The antidote to physical reality and living in separationIf you’re anything like me, life has been hard, confusing and painful. While there have been moments of joy and pleasure, by and large life is hard work. Nothing comes easy and everything needs maintenance. My body sometimes breaks down. My relationships are constantly breaking down. Even my mind breaks down into depression and misery form time to time.

That’s why this revelation from the New Message from God is such a life-changer for me. Granted, these revelations are not easy, either! They are new territory for my mind. They ask my mind to take a step back and assume it’s rightful place as a servant to the deeper intelligence within me, known as Knowledge:

For Knowledge within you is without fear. It is not corrupted by the world. It represents the eternal part of you that is going to live beyond this world. But it is concerned that you may fulfill your destiny here, and to that end it works ceaselessly on your behalf, trying to orient you through many different means to follow a true direction and to stick with that direction and not to lose heart or be pulled off track by beauty, wealth and charm, or by despair and anguish.

While this Knowledge is mysterious, I think I know what it is talking about. I have felt the deeper currents in life that appeal to me beyond beauty, wealthy and power. I have felt the strange attractions to people and places that have no logical explanations. I realize that I am living life at two levels: a physical reality and a spiritual one…

While God allowed the universe to be created, the physical universe you live in, God also gave the antidote to suffering and to separation at the very beginning because you cannot really be separate from your Creator and from Creation. Even being obsessed in the physical reality, you still cannot escape your origin and your greater destiny. – “The Separation”

The Antidote to Physical Reality and our Schizophrenic Nature

It is this realization that the spiritual side is indeed real that makes living in the physical understandable and tolerable. Of course life is full of suffering and confusion. How could it not be when we are, by nature, schizophrenic beings? It is by nature that we must negotiate the physical world, and all of its hazards, while at the same time being aware of a deeper, mysterious, non-logical, more permanent spiritual nature of our selves.

For me, this is the antidote to physical reality that produces so much pain and suffering. This awareness makes everything make sense in a world that seems crazy.

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