Aliens Will Not Enlighten You

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84% of people believe that extraterrestrial Aliens exist. If you’re in that group, do you hope that Aliens can enlighten you? If you do, I have some disappointing news: Aliens will not enlighten you. How can I say this? How can anyone know this since we don’t know very much, if anything, about Life in the universe beyond our world?

There is a new revelation about Life in the universe that opens the door and allows us to glimpse into this vast spectrum of life that exists beyond our solar system:

Today, as in the past, people project their hopes and their wishes upon the meaning of life beyond the world, hoping that other races will be more enlightened, more sophisticated and more elevated than the human family has been and is currently…

But, as always, reality is very different from expectation. The reality into which you will be emerging will be the focus of this series of teachings—a reality that you can understand from your own experience of living in the natural world and from your own experience of living within the evolution of human society. – Facing a Greater Community of Life, Chapter 1, Life in the Universe

Even if we can accept that aliens will not enlighten us, there is still hope, for many of us, that Aliens could help us, respect us, and be curious about our accomplishments and our culture. Again, unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

Many Alien races do not view us as particularly valuable beyond our utilitarian purposes:

To them [Aliens], you are a potential asset. As an asset, you are valued only in what you are worth to them, how you may assist them and what you may be worth as an entity and as a resource in and of yourself. You must stop to consider what this really means. It means that they consider you to be a biological resource, part of a network of resources that exists within this world. In this, they view you much the same way that you view domesticated animals that you use as a resource. – The Allies of Humanity, Book 2, Chapter 5

Aliens will not enlighten youIs this shocking? Could life in the universe be as competitive and harsh, perhaps even more so, than our own world? Is this disappointing? Were you hoping that life in the universe would offer an escape from the difficulties and struggles on our own world?

This is the great challenge for us as a planet. The real enlightenment is that there is no escape from our lives on this planet. Aliens will not enlighten you despite any hopes, dreams, and wishes to the contrary.

Does this mean that we will be invaded by Aliens? Not at all. Does this mean that we are doomed? Not at all. Here’s three reasons why:

  1. There are rules and protocols in our region of space that protect an emerging race such as us.
  2. God is sending a warning, a blessing and a preparation so that we can safely negotiate with Aliens.
  3. Humanity has Alien allies who wish to see us remain free and strong.

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